Why Us

Our stunning urban-designed studio gives a nod to your sophistication and excellence. The private seating-while-waiting and nightclub lighting are just hot.

Hot music.
You don’t have to fuss with your iPod or get lotion on your earbuds. Our studio has custom-mixed hot music you’ll love.

Chilled towels.
Just what you always knew you needed after tanning. A cool damp towel that smells wonderful.

Great value.
We just look expensive. But compare us to others–bed to bed–and services included, and you’ll see that we are the best value in town.

Freedom of choice.
We offer the very best in UV-free, UV-rich, stand-up and lay-down beds to fit your style, goals or mood. You’ll never get bored.

Bright beds.
We have beds that actually work. We don’t wait until our bulbs burn out. We use a UV meter to keep them operating at maximum efficiency. If they’re not, they’re changed out immediately.

Squeaky clean.
We are fanatical about clean beds and take great pride in keeping our beds hygienic.Type your paragraph here.

Make-up vanity.
Well lit mirrors, waterfall sinks and seated make-up counters make it easy to wash your face before you tan and touch up your make-up as you leave.